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For All Your Booking Needs and Info Call 1-360-676-1050

We make your booking as easy as possible. Just give us a call at 1-360-676-1050 Any Time or Email: Have your credit card on hand, your choice of rooms and dates and we will try to accommodate your needs.

  • How can I pay? You can pay by credit card (visa, master card),or by debit cards or by company check, travelers checks .

  • Do I need a credit card to book a room? Yes, you do need a credit card to book your room, however when you arrive here you may pay in any manner you choose, travelers check, credit card or debit card.

  • Do you take a deposit, first night, or the whole amount off of my credit card at time of booking. We use your credit card as means of holding your room, but do take a fifty dollars deposit such as the amount for the first night, nor do we take whole amount at the time of booking. We will use the card to check you in when you arrive the Shamrock Motel. or travelers check whatever suits best for our guest.

  • What is your cancellation policy? We have a 24 hour cancellation policy when you book our rooms. We do request that you cancel at the earliest possible date so that we can rebook the room or rooms.Your account will be charged if you decide to cancel within 24 hours for any reason.

  • How do you handle a no-show guest? If you do not cancel your reservations and notify us of such, we will charge your account for one night of your stay, including tax.


Shamrock Motel

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